Likes & Dislikes: (Licensing System -> Ultimate Central)



Hi everyone!

I want to start a first discussion about our Ultimate Central website ( to get a feeling about what’s on your mind when using the site. Tell me what you like or what you dislike (structure, infos, usability etc.).

Where do you have the most struggles? What’s easy to use? Any suggestions? …

I try to find out where we can optimize the website (if possible) or otherwise pass the feedback directly to Ultimate Central.

I look forward to your answers!



As a junior coach the biggest issue is the credit card requirement of course now Juniors do not have to buy a license anymore. I do not know how many adults are in the same situation.


Yes, that’s totally understandable. In my opinion, we still need to figure out the best way on how to handle the juniors process.


I guess the junior issue solved itself via the DV since the license is now free.