How about a Mixed Division in U20?



The EUF has introduced a Mixed Division in the U20 age category at the European Youth Ultimate Championships.
The discussion about a Mixed Division in the Swiss U20 Championships has been going on for at least two years now. Maybe this event could mark a potential kick-off for a next step?
I suggest an additional one-day Mixed Tournament in May/June (when there’s not much going on for Juniors in Switzerland anyway), which could host an U20 as well as an U17 division. Or - if this is too short ahead - a one-day indoor mixed tournament in November.

What do other people think? Is there anybody interested in hosting such a tournament?..


Ich finde das eine super Idee und ich sage mal der Club Zurich Ultimate kann sicherlich die Orga uebernehmen (ok ich lehne mich da grad etwas aus dem Fenster).